Unbounce Landing Page Testing Platform

Unbounce Landing Page Testing Platform

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As a landing page optimization specialist, I’ve worked on literally hundreds of landing pages within organization of various structures. Many organizations have an in-house development team that handles the building out of all LP assets. But many others don’t have these internal resources, and are looking for an easy-to-use interface that allows them to design, build, host and A/B test their landing page campaigns. For these clients, I often recommend Unbounce without hesitation.

Unbounce is  a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) landing page builder that makes creating new campaigns dead simple. While it does offer some pre-fab templates, it also allows the client to easily and quickly build a new LP in hours, not days. And I’m not talking about “customizing” one of their templates by swapping in your brand logo and updating the color palette to match your web site. I’m talking a full blown landing page design. In less than an afternoon. With no IT involvement. Oh, and it has a new responsive solution that’s just as easy.

Are there limitations? Sure. They serve thousands of customers, so they need to cater to a broad audience. But yes, you can have a working, A/B test ready landing page campaign setup in no time at all. And if you want to push the creative limits of your campaign, Unbounce allows you to do that. However, that’s where some front-end development knowledge will need to come in. Necessary? No. But good to know you can if you want to.

I’ve been working with the platform pretty much since they started. In fact, they helped get Spitshine Design started about 5 years ago by introducing me to the platform and putting me in touch with some of their clients. It’s been a great relationship. It that’s because it’s a great tool. Working with different clients, I have to be platform agnostic. And as a professional, I have to be objective and recommend the tool that best fits a clients needs. And when it comes to landing page testing and development, I find time and time again, Unbounce meets those needs.

In addition to it’s own platform, it easily integrates with other tools for Email, CRM, Optimization and others to help you get the most out of any PPC campaign. Plus, there customer support is top-notch. They love their tool, and they want their clients to love it to (and it’s easy to love).

Whether you’re new to Unbounce or and existing customer just looking to push the creative limits, Spitshine Design can help you get the most out of your landing page campaigns. If you’re looking to optimize your existing pages, or in need of a completely new design and PPC campaign, let’s connect and see how we can work together.

To learn more about Unbounce and create a new account, visit try.unbounce.com.

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